Radek "Catman" Sikl
"Thanks to my uncle and my father I found that there was some KISS. The very first picture I have ever seen was the cover of  The Best Of  Solo Albums and then the Alive II. So these four guys just perfectly fitted to my inner fantasy world in my age of about eight. If you are a kiss fan then you certainly know what I´m talking about… But the first album I have ever heard  was Double Platinum. You know, the one that is all loaded only with some cool songs. Then I started to play drums, when I was about thirteen. P.Criss, E.Carr and E.Singer became some of  many others of my drums heroes. When I play now I try to look like Peter Criss but play more like Eric Carr and Eric Singer. But I use those P.Crisses specific feelings often as well. Now what I´m gonna tell you is, as I think, quite an interesting story. It’s about six or seven years ago now when I’ve seen the Kiss Forever Band for the very first time. They were just amazing and I wished  to myself to play once with them just one song at least, or to get a chance to play one show with the full make-up and the costume on, you know. So I sent them an e-mail and told them that there is a guy who knows all that songs, can sing and knows how to put the make-up on. I even met them in their backstage room and we made some pictures there together... Finally, I had to wait for some years to get up on stage with these guys. That´s all even crazier because, you know, the band comes from Hungary and I´m from Czech Republic, now living in Budapest since one year after I joined the band. So here I am and I hope you like it!"